I am not the type of person that usually writes reviews.  However, after experiencing Pesach at home due to Covid restrictions, I just wanted to say thank you for always managing to arrange the best Pesach programs ever. I have a new found appreciation of the service you provide to the community at large.  Somehow you always manage to find the most amazing locations and provide the best programming.  May G-d give you strength to continue your good work.

Kesiva V’Chasima Tova!
North Hollywood, California


Thank you for an outstanding Passover experience. Any chance you can do a program in the United States for Passover 2023?

 Cedarhurst, New York



 West  Rogers Park, Illinois


We planned a family outing to Sea World and my 10 year old son decided he would prefer to stay with the children’s camp at the hotel, instead of spending a day at an amusement park.  I guess that is a real live testament to how utterly awesome the children program is at World Wide Kosher.  Keep up the amazing work.  We love your program and can’t wait to be back!! 

Lawrence, New York


You just keep on getting better and better!  Wishing you much success always!!

 Beverly Hills, California


This was our third straight year with World Wide Kosher and it gets better each time!  Great people, great food, great entertainment. I really like the crowd. Very laid back. We’ve made some terrific friends over the past couple of years.  Highly recommended!!

Hancock Park, California


Our family had a lovely time. Everything was first class. I’m a kvetcher, but I can’t think of anything bad to say.  First class all the way. We’ll definitely be back. Sign us up for Pesach 2018!

Lawrence, New York


The kids had their best Pesach ever! They are begging to go back. Lots of activities and friends. We had a blast.

Beverlywood, California



Just wanted to let you know that we had the best time ever at your program. We are not an easy group to satisfy, but you pulled it off without a hitch. Thanks for going above and beyond in accommodating our very specific needs. We can’t wait to be back for Pesach 2017 G-d Willing.


Baltimore, Maryland


This Passover was the fourth Passover we spent together with World Wide Kosher and everything was phenomenal The Viennese table was breathtaking. Thanks for getting better and better each year!!


Los Angeles, California


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We have been going away for Pesach for over 20 years and this was our best Pesach ever. Thank you for making sure that every little detail was taken care of. Thank you for making sure that my mother’s room was easily accessible to everything. We appreciate all of the extra time and effort you put into our special needs and requests especially with my mother and my nieces special dietary needs. We enjoyed the services in Shul, the davening was so beautiful and my brother in law could not stop talking about the fabulous Sephardic minyan. He loved the crowd and Chazzan. As you know we come with a large and diverse crowd and you made sure to make all of us feel very comfortable at the program. Each one of us made friends that we are still in touch with. We are looking forward to returning for Pesach 2017.

Teaneck, NJ



World Wide Kosher you are the best! Thank you for the most incredible Passover at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort. Please sign us up for Passover 2015, same rooms as this year! Have a great summer and can’t wait to see you next year.


Beverly Hills, California



Thank you for an absolutely fabulous Pesach! We loved every minute of it and can’t wait for next year.


Houston Texas



I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for an outstanding Pesach! I can’t thank you enough on behalf of my son. You and your staff tended to his special dietary needs efficiently and discreetly. I really appreciate your extra efforts and attention on his behalf. Your vegetarian menus were delightful and I loved the selection. We’re looking forward to another great year.


Los Angeles, California



Passover 2012 at the Westin Lake Las Vegas was absolutely amazing. We can’t stop looking at all of the wonderful pictures we took. Keep us posted for next year, looking forward to another great program.


St. Louis, Missouri



What can I say the hotel was breathtaking, the food was superb and overly abundant, the lecturers were phenomenal, entertainment was fun and your kids program can’t be beat! It could not have been better.


Denver, Colorado



Absolutely Perfect!


New York, New York



We’ve been going away for Pesach for over 25 years and your program tops them all. In the past we have paid so much more for Passover programs that didn’t even come close to yours. You really do have the best hotel, best, programming, best speakers and most of all the nicest and friendliest crowd. I can’t thank you enough for providing us with such a relaxing and yet invigorating Pesach. May Hashem give you the strength to continue in providing so many families with such a meaningful and beautiful Pesach experience.


Riverdale, New York



Congratulations! You outdid yourselves. I don’t know how you can provide such a luxury experience at such reasonable prices. Your program is the best value for the money without a doubt.


Chicago, Ill



Thank you for providing our family with a wonderful Pesach! Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated. You always delivered even more than expected. Keep up the great work! Please keep us posted for next year.


Cleveland Ohio



My friends can’t stop thanking me for recommending your program to them. They really loved it, which is a huge compliment, since they are experienced Passover hotel guests. They still can’t get over your unbelievably low prices. I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t thank you enough for making Passover such an enjoyable and affordable holiday for myself, family and friends.


West Bloomfield, Michigan



Thank you for another great Pesach. and thank you for making me feel so at home at your program. I’ve made friends that feel like family and I am glad to say that the same holds true for my children as well. My husband has his golf buddies that we keep in touch with throughout the years, and I have my zumba and dance friends that we keep up with. My daughter just flew into New York to celebrate the Bas Mitzvah of one of her Pesach friends that she met six years ago at your children’s program over Pesach in Palm Springs. Thank you for allowing us to create everlasting friendships and fond memories. I have to show you the adorable scrapbooks and photo albums we put together after each Pesach. Its really fun to see how everyone has grown and matured


Toronto, Canada.