Exquisite Dining, Children’s Dining and Lavish Tea Rooms!

Enjoy the Sedarim and meals in elegance with delectable world class cuisine.

 At World Wide Kosher we understand how important the Seder nights are to you and your family. We go the extra mile to provide you with a meaningful and classy seder. We present you the choice with two traditional Group Sedarim or conduct your own seder in one of our private or semi-private rooms.

Group Seder: Our stimulating Group Seder is conducted by the Rabbi and Cantor and is geared for families with young children.

Adults Only Group Seder: Our inspiring Adults-Only Group Seder is conducted by the Rabbi and Cantor. This seder is specifically designed to provide the adults with a quiet and serene setting for their seder.

Private Table Seder: Our Semi-Private Seder allows you to conduct your own seder at your own private table in a large room where others are doing the same.

Private Seder: Our Private Seder affords you the convenience of conducting your own seder in your own private and elegant room. World Wide Kosher provides you with all of your seder needs, from the haggadahs to the seder plates. There is no need to schlep!

As always, World Wide Kosher Tours will be offering you the finest in exquisite cuisine. You will enjoy three lavishly prepared gourmet meals and tea rooms daily. All of our meals are prepared and cooked on site at each luxury location in our specifically dedicated kosher kitchen. Our tea rooms are constantly stocked with a never ending supply of delectable foods, nosh and drinks. We have dedicated expert staff members to continuously tend to the specific needs of the tea rooms. We use only glatt kosher meats and Cholov Yisroel dairy products. Shmura matzoh is also available. We boast a large selection of some of the finest kosher wines, liquors and cordials. Tantalizing children’s menu and earlier dining facilities are always on hand. You will truly appreciate the enhanced and personalized dining experience